Not to be confused with Wreckage Components (Material).

Accidents in space often leave a lot of debris, some of that wreckage should be useful in determining the cause of the accident. They should be handed in to whichever organisation has called for their collection, however they also generate some demand as morbid momentos or simply as scrap.

— In-game description

Wreckage Components are a Salvage Commodity. They can be found in Salvageable Wreckage signatures close to planets and moons in certain systems. They are Illegal Salvage, so are considered stolen and can only be sold at Black Markets.

In December 3301, Sirius Corporation requested that pilots bring Wreckage Components to Davy Dock in the Procyon system for analysis. It was hoped that some of the recovered pieces might belong to the missing Highliner Antares and could be used to help determine its fate.[1]


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