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The Javelin (XG8) is the latest fighter to emerge from an innovative engineering project combining human and Guardian technology. Like its predecessor the Trident (XG7), the Javelin is fast and responsive, but also relatively fragile due to its light hull. This model is equipped with an integrated shard weapon.

— In-Game Description

The XG8 Javelin is a Ship-Launched Fighter created by the Engineer Ram Tah using Guardian technology and data obtained from Guardian Beacons. It is equipped with three Fixed Shard Launchers.[1]


In contrast with human-manufactured Ship-Launched Fighters, the XG8 Javelin is an all-rounder that relies on its unique Guardian weaponry. It is slightly slower than the F63 Condor, slightly less manoeuvrable than the Gu-97, and has significantly less armour than the Taipan, but its damage output is substantial, especially against Thargoid craft.

While the Javelin's Shard Launcher has the highest potential damage-per-shot (133) of all three Guardian hybrid fighters, its slow-moving projectiles make it difficult to use, limiting its range. However, it has the highest DPS of any fighter, and if allowed to apply its damage, it can quickly tear down even powerful shields singlehanded. In general, it is most effective against larger, slower targets, and less effective against smaller and more nimble enemies.

Be aware that during combat against a Thargoid Interceptor, its Thargon Swarms will prioritise any Ship-Launched Fighters in the area and quickly destroy them. Eliminate as many Thargon Swarms as possible before deploying a SLF to allow it focus on Thargoid ships unimpeded.


The XG8 Javelin can be permanently unlocked for purchase by providing the following Materials to a Guardian Technology Broker: