XG9 Lance
ManufacturerRam Tah
Years Produced3304-Present
TypeShip-Launched Fighter
Default Specifications
Landing Pad SizeFighter Hangar
Dimensions15.3m x 12.2m x 11.2m
Shields30 MJ
ManoeuvrabilityPitch Rate: 66°
Yaw Rate: 28°
Roll Rate: 133°
Top Speed316 m/s
Boost Speed541 m/s
Hardpoints1x Small Hardpoint

The Lance (XG9) is a direct successor to the Javelin (XG8), and like its predecessor it represents a fusion of human and Guardian technology. The fighter is both agile and fast, but it has a relatively light hull, so once its shields are down it is comparatively vulnerable. This model is equipped with an integrated gauss weapon.

— In-Game Description

The XG9 Lance is a Ship-Launched Fighter created by the Engineer Ram Tah using Guardian technology and designs obtained from Guardian Beacons. It is equipped with one Fixed Gauss Focus Cannon.[1]


In contrast with human-manufactured Ship-Launched Fighters, the XG9 Lance is an all-rounder that relies on its unique Guardian weaponry. It is slightly slower than the F63 Condor, slightly less manoeuvrable than the Gu-97, and has significantly less armour than the Taipan, but its damage output is substantial, especially against Thargoid craft.

The Lance's Gauss Focus Cannon is a projectile weapon with the second highest damage-per-shot (94) of all three Guardian hybrid fighters. It has a moderate rate-of-fire, but limited ammo, high heat generation, and reduced effectiveness against shields, making it best suited for anti-Thargoid combat.


The XG9 Lance can be permanently unlocked for purchase by providing the following Materials to a Guardian Technology Broker:





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