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This module is capable of deploying limpet types suitable for non-human encounters.

— In-Game Description

The Xeno Multi Limpet Controller is a Limpet Controller that can program limpets with the Decontamination, Repair, or Research functions as needed. Although it is more flexible than the specialised modules it combines, it is only available in a small size, is less efficient, and has significantly greater mass.


The Xeno Multi Limpet Controller combines the functions of the Decontamination Limpet Controller, Repair Limpet Controller, and Research Limpet Controller into a single module, making it well-suited for anti-Thargoid activities. The convenience of this is offset by the module's lack of size options, preventing it from being equipped on any ships that do not possess a Class 3 or larger Internal Compartment, and its increased mass.


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power Draw (MW) Max Active
Active Range (m)
Life Time (s) Limpet Repair Capacity Value (CR)
3 C 10.00 68 0.35 4 5,000 300 70 48,750
3 B 15.00 80 0.30 4 5,000 300 70 78,000