We make the most realistic and exclusive animal companions using the latest technology and robotics, better than nature and guaranteed to last. Rigorous testing ensures that all our animals conform to the appropriate legislation on artificial intelligence.

— In-Game Description

Xihe Biomorphic Companions are a Technology Rare Commodity exclusively sold by Zhen Dock in the Xihe system. The Engineer Zacariah Nemo requests 25 units before he will provide his services.


26 NOV 3301

  • The Federation faction Revolutionary Noti Values Party opened an appeal for Xihe Companions in the Noti system, in order to turn intensively-trained slaves into Master Chefs. They planned to combine the Companions with "the latest holographic technology" in order to make brain implants for the slaves.

By embedding this knowledge directly in a slave's brain, we can ensure total data integration and retention, which when combined with the slave's inherent culinary ability will result in unmatched gastronomic efficacy. These guys will be able to make a bacon sandwich fit for a king.

— Professor D Luffy, Lead Scientist[1]


  1. Master Chefs Coming to Market
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