Zacariah Nemo
Zacariah Nemo

Zacariah has been at the centre of a small cult-like commune for decades now, the Nemo Cyber Party. Rumour has it that he has a cyber-enhanced brain, and can take vast information dumps directly to it. His skill with weapons manufacturing and modification is made available to those favoured by the Party. He has attracted a growing group of "cyber-freaks" who are usually shunned in normal society. He has a vast collection of automata. Develop your relationship with him to discover another engineer.

— In-game description

Zacariah Nemo is an engineer who specialises in projectile weapons. You can use his skills to modify your ship's modules beyond their standard levels.

His allegiance is independent and his base is Nemo Cyber Party Base, located in the Yoru system.

Access Requirements Edit

Before you can take advantage of Zacariah Nemo's services, several requirements must first be met:

Discovery Edit

You will learn about Zacariah Nemo after achieving grade 3 access or higher with Elvira Martuuk.

Meeting Requirements Edit

Gain reputation with, and do missions for, the Party of Yoru. You will eventually be invited to meet Zacariah Nemo.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Provide 25 units of Xihe Biomorphic Companions to gain access to his services.

Reputation Gain Edit

Craft modules to increase your reputation with him (up to grade 5 access). Alternatively, sell commodities to Nemo Cyber Party Base.

Modifications Offered Edit

The following modifications to modules are available from this engineer:

Fragment Cannon (Grades 1-5) Edit

Multi-cannon (Grades 1-3) Edit

Plasma Accelerator (Grades 1-2) Edit

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