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The ARC is a volunteer organisation created to defend and advance Alliance interests. In keeping with the Alliance's ideals, the ARC is an open-minded, inclusive group with an aim to coordinate the actions of its members. Although generally sympathetic to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon as an individual, the group does not require that its members support him as a power.

— In-Game Description

Zaonce is one of the Old Worlds, the headquarters of the Bank of Zaonce, and a key member system of the Alliance. Its navy is one of the largest in the Alliance Defence Force and occasionally holds a seat on the Council of Admirals.


Sometime before his election as President of the Alliance in October 3303, Gibson Kincaid served as the governor of Zaonce. Kincaid was re-elected for a second presidential term in October 3304, and his campaign to transfer executive powers from the Alliance Prime Minister to the presidency resulted in the Alliance Assembly approving more moderate changes to the presidency's term length and role. On June 7, 3305, it came to light that Kincaid was the mastermind behind a conspiracy involving Admiral Frederick Yamamoto and other influential corporate, military, and political leaders which sought to move the Alliance's capital from Alioth to Zaonce and eventually establish Kincaid as the Alliance's supreme ruler. The conspiracy was derailed by its exposure, as well as the revelation of the various crimes committed on Kincaid's orders.[1] Alliance Interpol apprehended Kincaid, who had by then been removed from office by the Alliance Assembly and was attempting to flee his personal estate, and several conspirators on June 13, and charged them treason, murder, and corruption.[2]

System Layout

  • Zaonce (Class K star)
    • Zaonce A Belt (Asteroid belt, depleted reserves)
    • Zaonce 1 (High metal content world)
    • Zaonce 2 (Class III gas giant, depleted reserves)
    • Industry (Earth-like world, terraformed)
    • Zaonce 4 (Class IV gas giant, depleted reserves)
    • Zaonce 5 (Class III gas giant, depleted reserves)
      • Zaonce 5 a (Landfall world, rocky)
        • Bugrov Observatory (Surface settlement)
        • Cixin Installation (Surface port)
        • Conway Silo (Surface port)
        • Csoma Lab (Surface port)
      • Zaonce 5 b (Rocky world)
    • Zaonce 6 (Class I gas giant, depleted reserves)
      • Zaonce 6 a (Landfall world, rocky)
      • Zaonce 6 b (Landfall world, rocky)
        • Cartan Bastion (Surface settlement)
      • Zaonce 6 c (Rocky world)
      • Sawyer Station (Outpost)

Minor Factions

  • Alliance Rapid Reaction Corps (Cooperative, Alliance)
  • Zaonce Alliance Assembly (Patronage, Alliance)
  • Zaonce Galactic & Co (Corporate, Alliance)
  • Zaonce Jet Gang (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Zaonce Pro-Alliance Party (Patronage, Alliance)
  • Zaonce Silver United Solutions (Corporate, Alliance)