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It is essential to the stability of any state that its members know their place, and that all roles are understood to be equally worthy. To condemn a slave for being merely a slave is the height of stupidity. If your hand were to condemn your foot for being a foot, clumsy and graceless, pressed repeatedly into the filth, you would do well to hack it off at the wrist! Worse, imagine if your eyeballs demanded that every other part of you should be an eyeball too, in the name of equality. What an abomination you would be then.
But the truth is that the Federation and the Alliance think in exactly this way. You will notice that I wear a beautiful stone upon my finger. There is no other like it, which means that only one person can wear it. 'But that is unfair!' cries the Federation. 'Why should you be the only one to enjoy it?' They would have me smash it to bits and give everyone a tiny piece. But then the beautiful stone would be gone, and nobody could ever wear it again.

— Zemina Torval, midwinter address to the Bitterwood Children, 3303[1]

Zemina Torval is the matriarch of the Torval family, the Imperial Senator of Synteini, the founder and CEO of Torval Mining Ltd, and the former majority shareholder of Mastopolos Mining. Torval is one of the Empire's most powerful and wealthy figures and splits her time between business and politics. She is a traditionalist, emphasising the importance of Imperial Slavery and of taking proper care of one's Imperial Slaves. She also has a substantial military fleet, but prefers diplomacy to force when possible. She takes the long, considered approach to amassing power.[2] As a senior member of the Imperial Senate, Torval is occasionally deputised as Chancellor when Anders Blaine must take leave of his duties.


Zemina Torval is a preposterously rich senator. She uses her slaver corporation supporters and personal fleet of Majestic-Class Interdictors dubbed 'enforcers' to suppress revolts and to further her ambitions. As a senator she has used her huge wealth to lower taxation to zero for supporters in her home systems. This made her hugely popular.[3]

Her wealth is built on Imperial Slavery. She gained fortunes via her majority stake in Mastopolos Mining and endeavours such as the 26 million credits claimed by Commanders willing to offer Sorbago's slaves the 'opportunity' of a better class of slavery in the Empire via Mastopolos Mining Inc's links with the senator.[4]

Occasionally she goes to her jungle retreat with her luxuriously equipped Majestic Class yacht "Xanadu" which still packs a punch and is ready to travel at a moment's notice.[5][6]


01 FEB 3308

  • The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit is actively investigating Imperial Intelligence, despite the Senate ordering it to cease operations. Inspector Mara Klatt, one of ACT's co-leaders, told the media: "We are convinced that elements within Imperial Intelligence provided support to the NMLA. Our view is that a modified version of the Omega Grid software was supplied to the terrorists, allowing them to build their own dark-comms network. Thanks to Captain Saskia Landau's inside knowledge, we are learning how to detect a unique identifier associated with the network employed by the NMLA. Our actions may have political repercussions, but this taskforce is dedicated to finding and destroying the NMLA. We must follow the trail wherever it leads." Civil and military leaders in the Empire have reacted with outrage, including Senator Zemina Torval: "Are we expected to risk our citizens' lives by letting our security services be compromised? How might the Alliance or Federation respond if we attempted to hack into Interpol or the FIA?" However, a plea for cooperation was made by Princess Aisling Duval: "If nefarious groups within our Empire have helped the NMLA, we must uncover the truth. I firmly believe that the Emperor herself remains in danger, and ACT might help us to learn her fate."[7]

11 JAN 3308

  • The company owned by Senator Zemina Torval is attempting to acquire a mining contract previously awarded to the Caine-Massey corporation. The agreement affects multiple corporations on the fringes of Federal space around the Dulos system, who for the last decade have purchased mined ore and other raw materials directly from Caine-Massey. With the contract up for renewal, Torval Mining Ltd has made an official bid. An announcement was made by Constantia Torval, the company's operations director and daughter of Zemina Torval: "We have enjoyed enormous success in a short space of time by providing services to the Empire. This is an opportunity to reach a broader customer base, and convince them that they too can benefit from Torval Mining's expertise." Johann Fleischer, the vice president of Caine-Massey, remarked: "Our corporation is proud of its origins within the Federation, and we have supplied these systems with resources for many years. This is a surreptitious attempt by an Imperial senator to boost her own standing by hijacking Federal business." The Federal Commerce Authority has responded to Caine-Massey's request for intervention. An initial review found that, while it recognises the aggression of the Torval Mining claims, there is no exclusivity clause in place that prevents the companies in question from holding talks with an Imperial supplier now Caine-Massey's contract term is expiring.[8]

02 JAN 3308

  • Sima Kalhana reviews the most newsworthy events of the past year in this series of articles.
    "July began badly for the Federation, with more factions seceding in response to the Proactive Detection Bureau's establishment. The newly independent nations severed all links with these new surveillance efforts, inspiring many other systems to do likewise. This secession crisis would rumble on for the rest of the year. The Blue Viper Club, one of the rarely seen dredger clans, joined forces with the Kumo Crew to manufacture a medicinal drug that turned out to be a new strain of onionhead. The drug would ultimately end up being legally distributed by Neomedical Industries, causing Archon Delaine to seek revenge against the corporation. Tensions soared in the Marlinist Colonies during an election for the head of their diplomatic consulate. Aaron Whyte's candidate had the support of an Imperial senator, which would have given the Neo-Marlinists a powerful voice within the Empire. When a more moderate candidate was elected, the NMLA reacted by bombing both Marlinist starports, murdering tens of thousands including First Minister Jenna Fairfax. It seemed Theta Seven's extremist views allowed anyone to be targeted as an enemy, even his fellow Marlinists. The civil war concluded in August, with Whyte killed in battle as his supporters were overcome in direct combat. Following accusations of incompetence regarding the vanished Alexandria megaship, Aegis was officially suspended and subjected to a board of inquiry. This would have ramifications for the ongoing conflict with the Thargoids, and encourage Salvation to position himself as an alternative. In the corporate sphere, Zemina Torval created a new subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining that would eventually become an autonomous company. There were rumours that the Torval and Mastopolos families were now at loggerheads after decades of working in unison. In September, the mystery of Hyford's Cache was finally unlocked. The trail led to revelations of dark experiments which are believed to have involved human test subjects and Thargoid technology. When the Thargoids themselves appeared en masse in the Cornsar system, Salvation was ready for them. An anti-xeno superweapon of undisclosed nature was deployed, wiping out some of the aliens and driving away the rest. It seemed that the self-titled 'man of science' had developed something revolutionary, inspiring many to place their faith in him to end the Thargoid menace once and for all."[9]

31 DEC 3307

  • The last in a series that reviews the events of the past year, by noted historian Sima Kalhana.
    "October brought further controversy for the Federation, when a diplomatic conference in the Delta Pavonis system was revealed to be a honey trap designed to capture Yuri Grom. Only a rush of support for EG Union allowed their ruler to escape, causing political embarrassment for President Hudson. There was more corporate drama when Zemina Torval relinquished her long-held majority sharehold of Mastopolos Mining, fuelling rumours of a family rift with her cousins. Torval Mining Ltd became a fully independent corporation run by her daughter Constantia. The Colonia Bridge project officially started the first of two phases this year which would see the construction of 56 megaships between the Alcor and Colonia systems. Brewer Corporation enjoyed great public support for improving this travel corridor along the 22,000 light year journey, and revealed plans to enhance it further in the new year. Hadrian Duval, his wife Lady Astrid and their unborn child were the specific targets of another starport bombing by the NMLA. It proved unsuccessful, but did result in the Imperial Senate offering them protection in order to secure the Duval bloodline. It also led to a manhunt for Theta Seven, the galaxy's most wanted terrorist. In November, Orion University claimed that the dredger occupied by the Scriveners Clan was legally their property, but the nomadic descendants of its original crew refused to give up their home. The stand-off caught the public attention, with some supporting the clan's right to independence and others keen to discover what their Knowledge Core contained. Ultimately the Scriveners retained their freedom, sailing off into the void with their secrets intact. Many were shocked when Admiral Tanner, Aegis's military chief, went rogue and tried to force access to a starport controlled by Salvation's allies. His conviction that the anti-xeno superweapons were responsible for provoking the Thargoids was, however, not enough to win the day. The NMLA threw everything they had at the Mudhrid system in an attempt to rescue Theta Seven, who was hiding among the Far God cult to avoid capture. But the terrorists were crushed by ACT and a coalition of ships, with Theta Seven martyring himself by destroying the hijacked megaship Sacrosanct. A happier event in December was the birth of Hector Duval, son and heir of Hadrian and Lady Astrid. There were celebrations across the Empire, but also questions asked about the future of the Duval dynasty and if the child might one day inherit the Imperial throne. The year ended as it had begun, with Thargoid vessels swarming into nebula systems. But with incursions steadily increasing over recent months, there were fears that this time they might prove unstoppable. Salvation's superweapons were once again deployed to halt the aliens' progress, but will they be enough to prevent the Thargoids from threatening humanity in 3308?"[10]

28 OCT 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Vital materials have been delivered to the EGM 559 system to sustain Senator Zemina Torval's new corporation. The megaship Pride of Bitterwood received multiple shipments of geological equipment, microbial furnaces and mineral extractors. These will be transferred to Torval Orbital in the LTT 198 system, supplying the starport acting as the primary base of operations for Torval's new venture. Operations director Constantia Torval announced the campaign's conclusion: "All of us here at Torval Mining Ltd are pleased with the contributions. These supplies will ensure that we meet our first year's targets and continue providing high-quality services to our customers in the Empire." Torval Mining Ltd was originally a subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining, but became autonomous following a rift between Zemina Torval and her cousins in the Mastopolos family. The two corporations are now commercial rivals in the Empire's industrial mining market. The megaships Champion of Commerce and The House Ascendant have recently jumped to the Laguz and 21 Eridani systems, respectively. These vessels represent part of the corporate fleet recently purchased by Torval Mining Ltd.[11]

21 OCT 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Senator Zemina Torval's new corporation requires deliveries of commodities to its megaship in the EGM 559 system. Constantia Torval, the senator's daughter and operations director of the company, provided details of the initiative: "Now that we are a fully independent business, additional resources are urgently needed to continue providing services to the Empire. My goal is to ensure that the Torval name remains synonymous with efficiency and dedication. Shipments of geological equipment, microbial furnaces and mineral extractors can be delivered to the megaship Pride of Bitterwood in the EGM 559 system. From there, they will be transferred to our headquarters at Torval Orbital in LTT 198." The Pride of Bitterwood is part of a corporate fleet recently purchased by Torval Mining Ltd. Most are currently in the LTT 198 system being outfitted for mining and transport operations. Business analysts believe that these megaships were funded by Zemina Torval after selling the majority of her shares in Mastopolos Mining.[12]

08 OCT 3307

  • Senator Zemina Torval's company Torval-Mastopolos Mining has become fully independent from its parent corporation. The former subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining has officially rebranded itself as Torval Mining Ltd. Zemina Torval is listed as its CEO, with her eldest daughter remaining as operations director. The starport Torval Orbital in the LTT 198 system serves as the company's headquarters. Business correspondent Anton Lagorio reported for The Imperial Herald: "Although Torval Mining Ltd is now an independent company, shares are legally transferable between it and Mastopolos Mining. This has allowed loyal supporters of both Zemina Torval and Gabriella Mastopolos to flock to each other's banner. As a result, Torval Mining Ltd has acquired many ships, staff and resources from its former parent. There have been assurances that the split was amicable and in line with Imperial traditions of honourable conduct. Constantia Torval has promised customers that mining and transportation services would be maintained to the same high standard. Speculation continues over what caused this unexpected rift between the Torval and Mastopolos families. It seems that Zemina Torval is focusing on providing benefits for her own children and grandchildren, rather than her cousins on the Mastopolos side, but the reason for this change of heart remains unclear."[13]

01 OCT 3307

  • Senator Zemina Torval has relinquished her long-held position as Mastopolos Mining's majority shareholder. Official reports confirmed that the board of directors passed a resolution to remove Zemina Torval from their number. Over half of her shares were then sold, thereby drastically reducing her personal influence on the corporation. An anonymous insider gave a statement to The Imperial Herald: "Gabriella Mastopolos made it crystal clear to the other shareholders that it was time to topple Zemina Torval from her perch. But what surprised them was Torval's lack of resistance to this pressure... almost as if she had been planning to step down all along. I've heard that every credit made by selling the shares went straight into the subsidiary that her daughter is running. So maybe all her eggs are going into that basket?" In related news Constantia Torval, operations director for Torval-Mastopolos Mining, made an announcement: "I am proud to announce that the people of LTT 198 have elected Torval-Mastopolos Mining to replace LTT 198 State Ltd as their controlling authority. Permits to gain entry to the system can be earned via the Pride of Bitterwood megaship, which remains in the nearby EGM 559 system."[14]

03 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    A new starport has become operational in the LTT 198 system, following Senator Zemina Torval's mining initiative. Torval Orbital will serve as the administrative headquarters for Torval-Mastopolos Mining. The company successfully competed against Wreaken Corporation to establish a presence within LTT 198. Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica, observed: "Mastopolos Mining should be boasting about the positive start for its new subsidiary. Instead, its reaction has only confirmed the widening rift between the Mastopolos family and their corporation's majority shareholder, Zemina Torval. CEO Gabriella Mastopolos officially distanced herself from the offshoot company, claiming it 'hijacked our name with the intention of luring our clients'. And speaking to Imperial media, both Adrian and Elena Mastopolos criticised Constantia Torval's suitability to act as operations director. Speculation persists as to why the families have become estranged. For now, Zemina Torval seems to be focusing solely on her direct descendants. With her youngest daughter Petra Torval becoming a fellow senator, and grandson Titus Torval promoted to a senior role in Imperial Intelligence, the future seems bright for the Torval dynasty."[15]

26 AUG 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Torval-Mastopolos Mining initiative in the LTT 198 system has outperformed Wreaken Construction's rival campaign. Pilots delivered mined resources to the megaships Pride of Bitterwood and Tobias's Gift to support the competing corporations. Ultimately, it was the new subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining that received the greatest quantities. Senator Zemina Torval provided a statement to Imperial media: "This is an auspicious beginning for my new enterprise. I am pleased to offer rewards to my supporters at the Pride of Bitterwood in the EGM 559 system." In addition to credits, the top 75% of Torval's supporters will be provided with an experimental mining laser and permanent permit access to LTT 198. Constantia Torval, one of the senator's daughters, has assumed the role of director of operations with Torval-Mastopolos Mining. There has been no comment from the Mastopolos family regarding the subsidiary, which is being run autonomously by Zemina Torval. CEO Emmerich Koenig confirmed that Wreaken Construction will soon withdraw from LTT 198. Pilots who supported its efforts can now claim reimbursement from Tobias's Gift in the EGM 559 system. The top 10% of Koenig's supporters will receive an experimental abrasion blaster as well. LTT 198 State Ltd has reinstated permit control for entry to the LTT 198 system. A new starport will shortly be constructed and administered by Torval-Mastopolos Mining.[16]

19 AUG 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Torval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have requested deliveries of mined resources to the LTT 198 system. LTT 198 State Ltd, its controlling faction, will only allow one of the rival corporations to remain permanently. The company with the most successful campaign will establish a new starport in the permit-controlled system. Senator Zemina Torval, who has sole control of the Mastopolos Mining subsidiary, announced: "My company is working on an experimental mining laser with increased range. To achieve this, shipments of mined resources must be delivered in sufficient numbers to the Pride of Bitterwood megaship in LTT 198." Emmerich Koenig, CEO of Wreaken Construction, outlined a counter-initiative: "We will pay handsomely for deliveries of mined resources to the megaship Tobias's Gift in the LTT 198 system." Both factions have requested units of coltan, gallite, praseodymium and silver. LTT 198 State Ltd will provide all contributors to these initiatives with temporary system permits lasting one week.[17]

16 AUG 3307

  • Torval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have both established a presence in the LTT 198 system. Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica, reviewed the situation: "It is highly unusual for two megacorps to set up new headquarters in the same place. But Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have always competed aggressively for mining and transportation contracts, so it seems a new chapter in their rivalry has begun. This permit-locked system is controlled by the independent faction LTT 198 State Ltd. Insiders claim that it demanded a fortune from both corporations in return for granting passage to its ships and allowing construction of industrial complexes on the planet Dini. This is the first significant move from Senator Zemina Torval's new company, an autonomous offshoot of Mastopolos Mining. It may be that Wreaken Construction's presence is an effort to crush their old enemy before she can acquire further corporate strength." The Imperial Herald reported that Constantia Torval, one of Zemina Torval's daughters, has travelled from the Synteini system to LTT 198. It is believed Constantia has taken command of Torval-Mastopolos Mining's operations.[18]

10 AUG 3307

  • A new independent branch of Mastopolos Mining has been established by its controlling shareholder, Senator Zemina Torval. The megacorp is owned by the powerful Mastopolos family, and operates throughout the Empire and beyond. However, Torval's position as a majority shareholder has allowed her to exert a strong influence on its activities. Senator Torval confirmed her plans in a statement to The Imperial Herald: "Diversification is an effective strategy in the current business climate. Torval-Mastopolos Mining will have corporate autonomy, while offering the same mining and transportation services to an emergent client base." Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica, reported: "The persistent rumours of a rift between Zemina Torval and her cousin, CEO Gabriella Mastopolos, may now be validated. Insiders report that after decades of working behind the scenes, Torval wishes to provide a more tangible legacy for her own children. Already she has set her sights on a permit-controlled system as the headquarters for this new company." As well as being renowned for her private wealth and corporate enterprises, Zemina Torval has been a prominent member of the Imperial Senate for decades. She has occasionally deputised as chancellor, and is known to be an outspoken champion of the Empire's traditions.[19]

28 APR 3307

  • ACT has confirmed receiving evidence that NMLA attacks were orchestrated by Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, who immediately denied the claim. Landgrave Delacroix of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid provided details to ACT that the isolationist group Nova Imperium is at the heart of the NMLA. In response, Hadrian Duval made this statement: "These accusations are completely false. Our political stance is the exact opposite of Marlinism, since we believe in restoring the Empire's traditions. Nova Imperium forces even fought against the terrorists in Mudhrid, as required by the Treaty of Paresa. As for Lady Astrid being a 'top NMLA agent', my wife has been a loyal Imperial Commander since she first piloted a ship." Princess Aisling Duval has publicly decried the allegation and offered support to Hadrian Duval. However, Senator Zemina Torval told the Senate: "Should we be surprised that an extremist organisation performs extreme acts? That this arrogant boy who declares himself 'Imperator' should turn to violent rebellion once again? Enemies of the Empire must be punished, even those with Duval blood. ACT is fully investigating the Landgrave's evidence and has asked for patience, despite urgent demands for action from the Alliance, Empire and Federation.[20]

12 FEB 3307

  • Delegations have been formed by the Empire and the Marlinist Colonies to take part in the forthcoming diplomatic conference. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval will not attend in person, but will be directly represented by Chancellor Anders Blaine. During the conference, Senator Zemina Torval will temporarily assume chancellor duties and act as head of the Senate. In addition, Princess Aisling Duval and Senator Denton Patreus will be in attendance. They will be accompanied by experienced ambassadors from the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. The Marlinist Colonies have also finalised their delegation, which includes First Minister Jenna Fairfax and Minister Aaron Whyte. A spokesperson for the Marlinist Parliament said: "The Galactic Summit offers us an opportunity to engage with the Empire diplomatically, and we sincerely hope our voices will be heard. We also aim to establish mutually beneficial relations with other governments." There is widespread speculation on how the Empire will respond to political overtures from its own ex-citizens, who were persecuted for following the democratic ideology of Marlinism. However, most societies within the Marlinist Colonies still remain culturally Imperial in nature, despite their republican governance. The Galactic Summit is being hosted by Sirius Corporation and will officially commence on Thursday the 25th of February 3307.[21]

13 APR 3305

  • News of a meeting between Princess Aisling Duval and Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused controversy throughout the Empire. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reviewed the situation: "Princess Aisling is surely aware that contacting Hadrian Duval was a politically risky move. Senator Zemina Torval has wasted no time in branding the princess 'an ideological traitor' for associating with isolationists. Family connections aside, Hadrian's traditionalist views do not align with Aisling's progressive approach. But he is young and inexperienced, with policies inherited from the extremist Imperator Mordanticus. Perhaps Aisling hopes that, by learning to adapt, this long-lost member of the Duval family may yet play a part on the galactic stage."[22]

21 DEC 3304

  • Princess Aisling Duval has publicly rejected the isolationist group Nova Imperium and its figurehead, Hadrian Duval: "These extremists cause only division. Hadrian may well be the grandson of Hengist Duval, but that hardly makes him suited to the throne. Arissa has been silent for too long – she must act quickly to resolve this volatile situation." Senator Zemina Torval responded: "Much to my surprise, I find myself in agreement with Princess Duval. The notion of an independent pilot becoming ruler of the Empire is preposterous. I am confident that the Emperor will respond accordingly." Despite this united front, Senator Pal Vespasian stated: "Many senators are willing to recognise Hadrian Duval as Emperor-in-waiting. Nova Imperium is now a legitimate political movement with several million supporters. The only way the Empire will survive is by accepting the Imperator's proposals."[23]

29 AUG 3304

  • As the date of Princess Aisling Duval's cancelled wedding to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester passed without comment from either party, Senator Torval remarked that the collapse of their engagement was "the mercy killing of a catastrophically bad idea".[24]

18 JUL 3304

  • Princess Aisling Duval discussed her forthcoming marriage in an exclusive interview with entertainment journalist Solomon Helios, and directly addressed criticism from Senator Zemina Torval, among others: "Any negativity around this wedding is based on prejudice and fear. Shouldn't we all be free to love whomever we wish? Maybe if Zemina was capable of such an emotion, she might understand."[25]

13 JUL 3304

  • Following the announcement of the date of the wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, Senator Torval continued her criticism of the impending marriage: "This is nothing but a PR exercise, designed purely for political and financial gain. The princess should not be undermining the Empire’s policies for her own personal benefit."[26]

27 JUN 3304

  • Senator Torval issued a statement of disapproval for the impending marriage of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester: "This is an attention-seeking move from the princess, and a dangerous one. It is beyond her remit to impact Imperial policy in this manner. Allowing her to harbour romantic fantasies is one thing, but the Empire cannot countenance such a reckless political manoeuvre."[27]

15 APR 3302

  • Tensions between the Federation and the Empire look likely to increase following an announcement from Federal politician Jacob Harris. In a statement released to The Federal Times, Harris claimed that the destruction of Starship One was not the result of mechanical failure, as was widely reported, but was in fact the result of deliberate sabotage by Imperial agents. "I cannot identify my sources for fear of compromising their safety," said Harris, "but I can assure you that their information is correct. Starship One was destroyed by the Empire in an attempt to destabilise the Federal power base. It was made to look like an accident – the official Federal investigation even concluded it was an accident – but it most certainly was not." Imperial officials were quick to condemn Harris's claims, citing both his lack of evidence and his reluctance to reveal his sources. Among those voicing scepticism was Senator Zemina Torval. "This is nothing more than uncorroborated gossip," said the senator, "and it is highly irresponsible of Jacob Harris to disseminate such rumours. The Empire would never perpetrate such an act, and given Harris's well-known predilection for scaremongering, I think only a fool would believe him." The Federation appeared less eager to dismiss Harris's claims, although a statement from Shadow President Felicia Winters indicated that she was not necessarily ready to accept the story, either. "These rumours are certainly troubling, but it would be highly imprudent for us to believe them without evidence. Harris has made an extraordinary claim, so the burden of proving that claim rests with him."[28]

27 AUG 3301

03 AUG 3301

  • Senator Zemina Torval is the subject of this article from political commentator Marcus Macmillan about the movers and shakers in 3301. In many ways Senator Torval represents the solid and traditional politics of the Imperial Senate. She is seen as a paradox by some, particularly with regard to her views on Imperial slavery. She adopts the position that tradition expects but that many fail to achieve in the care of the millions of slaves from her business interests. She can be vocal in condemning those who fail to take proper care of their slaves, but she is equally open about how they form the foundation of the Empire. She takes the long and more considered approach to amassing power. She lacks the impetuousness of Patreus, but is quite willing to work with him to achieve her goals. She prefers diplomacy to force, but has a substantial military fleet capable of handling most situations. Her desire for power is more than personal ambition: she is, in a sense, the matriarch of a developing dynasty. Torval focuses her energy on building a legacy for future generations. Even though she was born wealthy, she still possesses a strong work ethic and will labour tirelessly to get things done. While her time is dominated by her senatorial responsibilities and business concerns (she is, famously, the controlling shareholder in Mastopolos Mining), Torval tries to find the time to be with family, who are very important to her. In her younger days she enjoyed hunting, but that pastime is now limited to her rivals in business and the Senate.[2]

08 APR 3301

  • Senator Zemina Torval's pro-Imperial slavery side won the slavery public support challenge against Stop Slavery Stupid and Aisling Duval. The Imperial Slavers Association received 2,387,567 Unregulated Slaves for retraining, while Stop Slavery Stupid only managed to free 1,149,756 Imperial Slaves.[30]

01 APR 3301

  • Stop Slavery Stupid and Aisling Duval's ideological differences with Senator Zemina Torval came to a head with a public support challenge. Zemina Torval and the Imperial Society would buy unregulated slaves to turn them into Imperial slaves. Stop Slavery Stupid would accept donations of Imperial slaves with the intention of freeing them. If Aisling won, Torval would free all the slaves bought in the course of the challenge. If Torval won, Aisling would take on a personal contingent of Imperial Slaves for no less than one year.[31]

22 DEC 3300

  • Senator Torval Speaks out against Aisling Duval and her (Slavery) Abolitionist Message in the jungle retreat on her yacht 'Xanadu', 22 Dec 3300. "That illegitimate child Aisling Duval speaks out against slavery, but she knows nothing of it. Look at our streets. We have no beggars. No graffiti. No one goes hungry. Our streets are safe. Look at the Federation. The girl's never been of course. People die of starvation despite their crippling taxes. Is that what she wants, because it seems popular? Go to the Federation then! She speaks for her father because he can barely talk and is only lucid for a few moments at a time. It's not as if her father will ever ascend to the throne. Everyone knows he wrecked his brain many years ago."[6]

20 DEC 3300

  • Sent more of her private warships to Sorbago in an attempt to stop the system wide rebellion from gaining more traction. Also, increased aid for those assisting her in fighting off ships who have been supplying the rebels with weapons.[32]

18 DEC 3300

  • Remarked on Aisling Duval's speech.[33]

16 DEC 3300

Powerplay Strategy[]


Senator Torval forges strong economic bonds with systems by treating them as preffered trading partners.[35]


Using her economic connections and vast wealth, Senator Torval purchases both land and infrastructure. In doing so she acquires a controlling stake in systems.[35]


Hiring private security allows Senator Torval to keep her distance from some of the darker methods of control used to keep systems in line.[35]


Business brings opportunity and without opportunity none of us can hope to rise any higher.

— Zemina Torval

The lives of the lowest in our society should be the concern of the highest.

— Zemina Torval

Those who treat their slaves badly should receive the same. After all, how can they work properly if they are not cared for correctly?

— Zemina Torval

Force should be a last resort, but if it comes to that it will be ultimate force.

— Zemina Torval

We should honour our traditions, but not blindly. Just because we keep doing a thing doesn't make it the right thing to do.

— Zemina Torval



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